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Level Up Your Wrist Wear Game

You are ready to go, after years of buying clothes you have nailed down what suits you and what doesn't, you know what to wear for what occasion, when to dress up and when to dress down. However if your wrists are bare, you have just missed a great opportunity to take your style game up a notch. A few years back, men didn’t always wear fashion accessories. Times have changed, and today forgetting to get your wrist game in order is like forgetting to tie your laces.  However you might be new to the men’s accessories department. So we have got you covered with some helpful tips and suggestions to bring you up to speed with the modern day gentleman.  Leather...

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Common misconceptions about bracelets

  Would not be the first time that I have heard the phrase "Jewellery is for women, men should stick to belts", and maybe this deterred you from trying out some wrist wear. I have also heard the phrases "bracelets are just for rockers", or "hipsters would only try this out" , whatever your definition of a hipster is anyway. The truth is there are fashion accessories that are geared towards different demographics, just like everything in this world, and yes you will find metal heads wearing bracelets but that does not really mean much.  In the last few years we have seen bracelets become more and more sophisticated, suited for very formal events as well as everyday attire, and for...

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Let's face it...bracelets are some of the hottest accessories right now and we ALL love 'em.. Expect to see many of these accessories in the coming seasons. GuysDrawer offers some of the hottest bracelets around. Check out our list of the top 10 pieces of wrist wear for under €25. ⚓Nautical Trend Bracelets⚓ #1 Skipper Bracelets ➡️ €11.99  9 different designs Adjustable Sailing Rope FREE Shipping Worldwide 🌎🌎  #2 Rigger Bracelets ➡️ €10  Available in Gold or Silver ⚓ 10 Colours for each Anchor Adjustable Nylone Rope FREE Shipping Worldwide 🌎🌎  #3 Anchor Bracelets ➡️ €11.99  Available in 4 different Anchor Styles ⚓⚓⚓⚓ Each Anchor style has 6 colours to choose from Adjustable Nylone Rope FREE Shipping Worldwide 🌎🌎 #4 Wrap Around Silver Anchor Bracelets ➡️ €13.99 Available in Gold or Silver ⚓⚓ Adjustable Leather Rope 10...

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Cheers, 3336

It’s been a while since we last sent out an update from behind the scenes. If you are new here, we would first like to thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. We send out the occasional update, latest products releases, coupon codes and tell you all about our exciting competitions and giveaways.   As of right now we are 3,336 hours (or 4 months and a bit worth) into a very scary but rewarding world of e-commerce. With hiccups along the way and detours we did not know existed, we feel that despite the battles we have faced and are yet to face we are extremely happy with the way things are going.  It has been a fun and challenging summer. We have...

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