1 Week In

May 04, 2016

1 Week In

Starting something new is always challenging and exciting. You want to achieve something special but know that it is a journey with many challenging aspects that you will not understand. 

After 1 week we could not have asked for a better start really. We have gotten customers, and some great feedback. We have begun our social media journey and contributed some high quality content. We know we have a lot of work to do in that department to build up a following, but we rather have 100 true followers than 1000 followers who do not believe in our vision. In case you do not know what our vision is, its  this. 

We believe that everybody should be able to dress well, it shouldn't cost a lot of money. We believe in helping people look their best, and we feel that is something nobody should pay for.

This will not be a weekly update, or an every fortnight update. We will update you with our journey when we feel we have something necessary to say and having been alive for one week in a very scary online e-commerce world, this should warrant a minor update. For everyone who read this, thank you for the belief in us, we will continue to deliver great quality products and customer service as well as do our best to keep up with our quality of instagram shots. We appreciate all the positivity.

Thanks again,


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