Lets talk Tie Clips

May 06, 2016

Lets talk Tie Clips

Why wear one?

There are some very good reasons to actually have a few tie clips in your drawer.

  1. It keeps your ties from getting dirty: Imagine having dinner and leaning over to get a second portion of potatoes when suddenly the tip of your tie drags across the table, getting dunked into peoples drinks and plates. 
  2. Essential for Doctors! : Sometimes doctors have to reach over to examine a patient, you don't want your tie touching the patient, clip it!
  3. Ideal for people with improper posture: Many people have poor posture today, sitting infront of screens definitely doesn't help. Bad posture can make your tie lean to one side if one shoulder is slightly lower than the other, clipping your tie sorts out this problem quickly
  4. They look pretty cool: Men do not have many accessories they can pull off. A tie clip is something that looks pretty cool on every guy.


How to wear one?

Remember the point of a tie clip is to keep it in place, so clip it to your shirt! It won't do anything for you if it is just clipped to the tie. 

Positioning! The tie clip should be placed somewhere between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt, or around the bottom of your sternum. If placed too high the tie will still dangle out of place when leaning, if too low it will not show if you are wearing a jacket and looks a little bit awkward. 

Width. The tie clip should never over extend further than the width of the tie. It should cover between 70-80% of the tie width, so if you are wearing a skinny tie, purchase a smaller clip. 

Match it. There is no point of wearing a tie clip if it doesn't look appropriate. Do not wear a bright colored tie clip if you are going to a formal event. 


Where to find one?

We just so happen to have a lovely collection of tie clips, suited for all occasions.

If you are still unsure about purchasing a tie clip, drop us an email at support@guysdrawer.com , we are here to help!

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