5 incredible Necktie Facts

May 18, 2016

5 incredible Necktie Facts

Did you know.....

  1. The cravat was used as part of a soldier's uniform in the 1600's. It's purpose was for soldiers to identify each other during combat 

  2. Some cravats were made so thick that they were used as a form of protection in sword fights. 

  3. In the 1800's it was common knowledge that touching someone's necktie would mean challenging them to a duel. 

  4. The most expensive neck tie in the world costs $220,000. Designed by Satya Paul Design Studio and Suashish Diamond Group, it is made up of 150 grams of gold, 271 diamonds and is pure silk

  5. One of the oldest rivalries in the history of the modern world (maybe) is down to neck ties. The British stripped tie (left in below image) and American stripped tie run in opposite directions. 

British American stripped ties


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