Wedding Tips for Men

June 10, 2016

Wedding Tips for Men

May to September, the traditional wedding season. The time where you bring out your good suit, give your nice shoes a good cleaning and sort out which tie you will be wearing. When it comes to dressing for more upscale events, women have far more style decisions to make than men, however we have some neat tips anyway. 

The suit

Always wear a suit (one that fits). Many times people make the mistake of wearing suits that are a little too big for them. It makes you look out of touch. If possible always try and tailor your suit but if that is not an option at the very least get one in the right size.

Dark solid coloured suits, such as navy blue or grey go well with most tie colour combinations by default. They are the easiest to match, so if you have already matched the tie to the shirt, either a grey or navy suit will more often then not complement your look. 


The tie 

The biggest mistake most men make is when trying to match their necktie to their clothing is that they have bought the wrong tie for the clothing in their wardrobe.

Like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, they will either frantically try to match garments together at the last moment or not care at all and reinforce the stereotype that men can’t dress themselves. If you are going to wear a tie, make sure it's colour complements your suit and shirt, to make it easier, wear a white shirt and a dark suit (navy blue or black), most colours will go with this combination. 


 The tie colour

The colour you decide to wear very much depends on the message your are trying to send out. If you are looking to draw attention to yourself then bold colours should be used, like a bold red or perhaps ties with a distinguishable pattern, maybe something like this. For a more sophisticated look go for lightly patterned blue tie or a neutral colour.


The Tie Width

The size of the tie also very important, fortunately we have already written a little summary for you here.


 Tie Clips

Tie clips can make a real difference to your look. We encourage everyone to wear tie clips that don't become the focal point of your look. Simple tie clips like a white one , which goes well with all dark coloured ties or a simple silver one are ideal. 


Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are the final touch, they should be added after the tie. You should never match pocket squares exactly to your neck tie but rather find a complementary colour and pattern. If you are deciding to go for the navy blue polka dot knitted tie with the white tie bar, then we encourage a clean simple pocket square , this would complement your whole outfit.

Bow ties

Bow ties are back, and they can work just as well as a neck tie. All of the above rules apply when considering which colour bow tie. Bow ties tend to be a bit more dressy, as majority of them have a pattern to their design, and for a wedding we would encourage a bow tie that doesn't look too bold, but rather a nice compliment to your whole outfit, maybe something like this or perhaps this.  



Mixing patterns and colours is both an art and a science, although the above are a set of guidelines they are not unbreakable rules. Always experiment with your style, always try new colours and ideas, and above all else, just enjoy the wedding!

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