Common misconceptions about bracelets

December 20, 2016

Common misconceptions about bracelets


Would not be the first time that I have heard the phrase "Jewellery is for women, men should stick to belts", and maybe this deterred you from trying out some wrist wear. I have also heard the phrases "bracelets are just for rockers", or "hipsters would only try this out" , whatever your definition of a hipster is anyway.

The truth is there are fashion accessories that are geared towards different demographics, just like everything in this world, and yes you will find metal heads wearing bracelets but that does not really mean much. 

In the last few years we have seen bracelets become more and more sophisticated, suited for very formal events as well as everyday attire, and for those of you that are still debating if bracelets are really something to try, this one is for you.


Myth: Bracelets are too Feminine

People who actually say this, have never actually looked at a collection of bracelets for men. Not all bracelets are sparkly and dainty in this world, and most bracelets you find in any men's section will be some of the most masculine items you can find anywhere. 

There are many bracelets that are designed to be more flashy, however all are strategically designed to maintain a masculine look to the item.

However if you are not into flashy jewellery there are tonnes of different styles to choose from, that have absolutely zero sparkles to them, at the end of the day it comes down to individual taste. Check out the leather bracelets section where all you will find is leather and metal. 


Myth: Bracelets are not Practical

Personally I agree with this myth, bracelets are not practical. Then again, a watch is not practical, a wedding ring is not practical. It is each to their own, and just like everything in life, if you want something enough you will make room for it, and if you hate something in life there will always be an excuse.

Now it must be said, not all men are subject to hard labour everyday of their lives. The idea that all men are blue collar workers is a lie in all honesty, so the argument bracelets are not practical should only stand for such jobs. I do not find any in practicalities in bracelets on men who work in offices, or have face to face meetings all day everyday. 

Lets not forget, bracelets should be worn outside of work, they are designed for the social appearances and nights out.

However for those who wear a suit for the majority of everyday, a bracelet is the ideal accessory to make you stand out just a little bit from the other drones in the office. There are so many styles to choose from, it would be absurd to think a bracelet has no place on a mans wrist. Our Bead Bracelets section will give you an idea of the hundreds of different styles you can choose from.



Myth: Men are not bothered with Fashion.

Wrong. There is a misconception that men when shopping for clothes, look for durability and practicality rather than style. I would have to counter this argument with the idea that there are different kinds of people in this world. Go to any major city and you will find stores dedicated to just mens fashion. The notion that all these stores are going bankrupt is false, and if that were the case well mens fashion would not even be a term. 

While of course there will be men who do not care about what they wear, the same can be said for women, there are men who actually give a damn about how they look. Everyone is unique, and there are people in this world who like to use fashion accessories like bracelets to bring together everything they are wearing, but this doesn't mean they are weird or different, they just enjoy looking good.

It's about time to stop believing everything you hear. I wouldn't take advice about what car to buy from someone who doesn't drive, so be yourself, and experiment with your style. Bracelets are a perfect way to express yourself in a subtle but unique way.

Shop at GuysDrawer and you will quickly see how these myths about wrist wear have never been more inaccurate. 


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