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How to Layer Jewelry


Jewelry as we get older tends to be focused at us from a higher price point of view. Wear less, but wear more expensive (not necessarily better/nicer/appealing.

 We prefer the notion of having different elements of jewelry to suit the different needs of everyday. 

"The art to wearing jewelry is to layer and to add elements to your layering"

Having said this, there are unwritten rules, a code of conduct if you will when layering. It is a fine line between ideal and over the top and below we have broken this code of conduct into 5 major parts. 

1) Choose one.

The best way to keep your look on the ideal side is to only select one jewelry style to layer. If you're going to layer necklaces, only layer necklaces. If you're going to layer bracelets, only layer bracelets. This keeps you from overwhelming your look with too many accessories.

In our Shop the Look section we carefully selected and put together ready to go combinations that fit to every rule in our code of conduct for layering. Our Silver Twist set is a perfect candidate for layering your wrists, using multiple elements under one colour scheme.

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5).  Let Your Jewelry Talk.

You want to let your jewelry make the statement, so don't confuse the look by wearing busy prints or bright colors. The closer your clothing is to the jewelry, the more neutral it should be. We like to keep a basic rule, if we are layering, we stick to one basic colour such as a plain neat shirt. 

Wearing silver or gold? Stick to plain blue or white.

Elegant simplicity built from premium materials.

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