Level Up Your Wrist Wear Game

February 21, 2017

Level Up Your Wrist Wear Game

You are ready to go, after years of buying clothes you have nailed down what suits you and what doesn't, you know what to wear for what occasion, when to dress up and when to dress down. However if your wrists are bare, you have just missed a great opportunity to take your style game up a notch.

A few years back, men didn’t always wear fashion accessories. Times have changed, and today forgetting to get your wrist game in order is like forgetting to tie your laces. 

However you might be new to the men’s accessories department. So we have got you covered with some helpful tips and suggestions to bring you up to speed with the modern day gentleman.

 Leather Bracelets

A great place to start. If you are looking for a bracelet that pretty much goes with everything you can wear, a leather cord bracelet is ideal. Most of our styles are designed with a black leather cord and stainless steel metal to give off a very masculine look to your wrist. 

Some styles are more decorative than others, which are excellent for casual wear. Others are more minimalist in nature, an ideal look for the office.




You can be forgiven for thinking bangles are strictly a women's accessory. Up until a few years ago you would be correct, however in recent years more and more bangles have been made to fit the wrist game men are trying to work. Bangles are basically bracelets that slide on and off your wrist, and right now we have plenty of awesome styles to choose from. 

Bangles are a great to way to keep away from thick heavy bracelets, and are ideal to style up your wrist watch. 


Agate Stone Bracelets

Agate Stones are a great way to go to add a bit of texture to your wrist game. Agate stones are perfect for everyday and an evening night out. The charcoal color is also a great neutral color to match the traditional mens wrist watch.

They also offer a minimalist alternative to the leather bracelets and rope bracelets we mentioned earlier. The plain white shirt will never have looked so good when accessorized with some of these


These three bracelets for men are simple, masculine and some of the easiest pieces to wear. So, there’s really no reason why you should be walking around with a bare wrist. Check GuysDraewer out today and show the ladies, your co-workers, your boss, your family – or whoever that you’re one hell of a dapper guy.

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