Social Media for the win: Viraltag

August 22, 2016

Social Media for the win: Viraltag

Companies in this day and age have to be active across the board when it comes to social media. That means being full on Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and many others. Today people expect content, they expect it to be great and they expect it to be regular. 

It must be said social media is not just a big mix, where you throw in a bunch of content and just share it amongst your different pages. Each platform has its own norms, and breathes its own air.

What works on Instagram, which is predominantly a picture sharing platform will definitely not work on Youtube, a video sharing platform. What works on Facebook may not work on Pinterest. 

Now if you are part of a large organisation, chances are there will be a social media manager, and employees dedicated to certain social media platforms. However if you are a small company, maybe a 1 man army type of company, then this can be very time consuming and overwhelming. This job however can be made a little easier with one company and their new social media scheduler, Viraltag.

Viraltag allows you to connect your different social media accounts, and schedule all the content you would like to put out for the future. In half an hour you can schedule your content for the week on any given platform, provided you have the content ready to schedule. 

The big plus point of Viraltag is its versatility. It currently supports 6 of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Viraltag is very easy to use from the get go. Once you sign up , you can just sign in to your different social media accounts. Once your social media accounts are connected, what is left is to just start scheduling your content, and there are different ways of doing it.

One way is directly uploading your content.

If you take your own photos all you need to do is upload them and then decided the social media account, add any hashtags and text, then just fix the time you want that piece of content to be published, be it immeditaely or anytime in the future.

Another method is directly posting content onto your social media accounts directly from the web. Viraltag offer a free download of the chrome extension of their service. This extension then allows you to choose any content from any web page and just schedule it into the desired social media account along with any text or hashtags you wish to add.


After scheduling everything you can easily see your schedule of future content and make adjustments accordingly. Changing the time, text, hashtags are very easy to make.

Viraltag also offer a really great analytics tool. Viraltag maps out all the content you have shared through their service and divides it up by the social media platform. From there you can see how many likes, followers, comments and shares you have gotten for each account. You can then break that down further into every piece of content. 

Viraltag really is that simple to use. It is versatile and everything can be achieved in a few clicks, which is what you want instead of a lot of reading, searching and fixing. You can try Viraltag out for FREE for 14 days, which is ample time in my personal opinion. It takes a few minutes to learn and you can start scheduling your content right away. After your 2 week trial period is over, you can pay a monthly subscription of $29, or even a full year subscription and save a few dollars each month at $278.

 Check it out here for more information. 

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