Golden Masters Stack



Our Golden Masters Stack with highly polished gold finish. Made up of 4 separate items created from premium Stainless & Titanium steel, then coated in 18K Gold to protect against sweat, heat and also water resistant.

The set consists of 1 Gold Buckle Bracelet, Gold Roman Style Bracelet, Gold Zircon Band Lace Up and optional Zircon Roundels by 5 Lace Up.

You can also choose to purchase the bracelets individually, however we offer a value price for the full pack of 4!

30% saving on Full Set

15% saving on Set excluding the Zircon Roundels by 5


Gold Buckle Bracelet:

  • Adjustable (Size 5.9cm cm in diameter) to 3 settings
  • Titanium Steel Steel
  • 18K Gold Plating
  • Highly Polished Finish

Roman Style Bracelet:

  • Titanium Steel
  • 18K gold plated
  • Highly Polished Finish

Zircon Band Lace Up: 

  • 50mm Titanium Band
  • Lace Up Bracelet 
  • Cubic Zirconia Jewels
  • 18K Gold Plating

Optional Zircon Roundels by 5:

  • Roundels size: 6mm
  • Mini Beads: 4mm
  • Lace Up Bracelet
  • 18K Gold Plating


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