Braided Macrame Lace Up Bracelets - More Styles Available

Size Guide

Check out our awesome collection of braided macrame lace up bracelets. Available in 4 different styles, each bracelet consists of a 26 mm macrame jewel piece as well as a 6mm thick braided bracelet. A great piece for both formal and more casual occasions.

  • 25mm Macrame Jewel Piece
  • 6mm Braided Bracelet
  • Adjustable Lace up Bracelet (16cm - 25cm wrist diameter)

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    SMALL - 16CM (6 INCHES)
    MEDIUM - 17CM 6.7 INCHES)
    LARGE - 18CM (7 INCHES)
    EXTRA LARGE - 19/20CM (7.4/8 INCHES)
    Size 6 - 53mm
    Size 7 - 54mm
    Size 8 - 58mm
    Size 9 - 59mm
    Size 10 - 62mm