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International Lifetime Guarantee - Leave the repairs to us, and wear your jewelry worry free.

Eco-Friendly - We offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated to make and ship this product. All packaging is made from 100% recycled materials

Materials Made to Last - Made with premium materials only so your jewelry can stay on your body and out of the trash.

Description & Details



The titanium steal that forms the base the bangle is all about having strong foundations when going forward with anything in life. The titanium blocks are symbols of strong anchors, that no matter what life throws at you, you can handle it


This piece is perfect for layering alongside any of our bangles however we would recommend checking out the Titanium Twist Chain Bangle as the minimalist nature this piece combined with the intricate detailing of the Titanium Twist Bangle makes them form the perfect combo. 

Bangle Specifications :

  • Unisex
  • Non- Adjustable Bangle for all wrist sizes up to 21.5cm
  • Stainless Steel
  • 13mm titanium Steel Bricks
  • 5mm Thickness of stainless Steel Cable
Bracelet sizes are listed as circumference in cm. To measure your wrist use a measuring tape or  wrap a piece of paper/string around your wrist and measure the distance between the two points that meet with a ruler.

Small = 16cm (6 inches) 
Medium = 17cm (6.7 inches)
Large = 18cm (7 inches)
Extra Large =19/20cm (7.4/8 inches)

Size 6 - 53mm
Size 7 - 54mm
Size 8 - 58mm
Size 9 - 59mm
Size 10 - 62mm

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Quality Guarantee

We believe jewelry should be made to last forever, and that you should be able to wear your favorite pieces everyday without worrying about them getting damaged. That’s why we choose materials like 18K Gold and Titanium Steal that are tarnish resistant and won’t lose their color. We back this up with an International Lifetime Warranty. This means if you have any sort of issue with any item, we offer a free one time replacement for that item. 

Jewelry Care

To maintain the beauty of your jewelry, whether it’s gold plated , premium leather or titanium steal, always avoid all heavy detergents and cleaning agents. These harsh chemicals can damage all types of jewelry, so please remember to remove your pieces before coming into contact with these substances.

All our jewelry is waterproof and sweatproof. We recommend to rinse the items with warm water after swimming in salt water or a pool to avoid any blotching which strong chemicals such as chlorine or excessive sale exposure can cause overtime.

Store your jewelry in a dry place when its not being used, to keep it nice and safe.

We don’t recommend wearing your necklaces to bed, especially dainty chains.


How it's Made

Sustainably and Ethically Handmade 

From the first sketch to the final touch, every piece of GuysDrawer Jewelry is proudly designed in Europe. Our materials are ethically sourced from Fair Trade suppliers so that you can love how your jewelry looks, and how it's made.

We believe that every business has the responsibility to take care of our neighborhoods, communities, and our planet. Let's be real - wearing something you know hurt the environment or exploited low wage workers just doesn't feel good, and it's not something our global community can continue doing if we want to keep life on our planet thriving. That's why we have made sustainable practices an essential part of our day to day here at GuysDrawer. You can feel good knowing the jewelry you put on you body is made sustainably by our use of carbon offsets, zero waste manufacturing, recycling, and much more.  




EXTRA LARGE - 19/20CM (7.4/8 INCHES)
Size 6 - 53mm
Size 7 - 54mm
Size 8 - 58mm
Size 9 - 59mm
Size 10 - 62mm