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About Us

Our Belief 

A misconception about jewelry is that it should be worn on special occasions for special moments. We look at jewelry as an extension of one’s personality.

Your personality is on show every day, not just on occasion and therefore you should wear jewelry every day. Statement jewelry is unique and bold, and helps the wearer portray who they are through their outward appearance.

Our jewelry is designed to be made easy to wear throughout any given day of the week. We designed the fittings to be easy for gym, office work and daily routines while keeping a high grade level of performance through sourcing of premium materials. We use titanium steel and 18K gold on all items, making them waterproof/heatproof and sweat proof. This means you can swim, shower, workout and do anything you want without having to worry about damaging them.


Pricing was an important factor too. Everyday use of items should be made affordable and so a big part of our line of jewelry is affordability. There would not be a point of designing everyday jewelry without everyday pricing. 

Finally being eco-friendly.  A big belief for me is being resourceful and kind to the world we are blessed to live in. We use 100% recycled materials for our packaging and have also made the leap to use 100% recycled steel on our products. We are continuing to find ways to add more environmentally friendly materials to our store. 



Marcus 🖤✌️


Ethical, quality products made with the everyday routine in mind. Jewelry should not be a choice depending on the activity. Jewelry represents you, that includes you at the gym, at the beach or in the kitchen. Be part of our community.