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The rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic is something that we're taking very seriously. At times like this communication is vital.



When ordering know that you'll get your items. We won't accept any orders we can't fulfil. Shipping to the UK, US, Australia and Europe is still totally acceptable and orders are being shipped/ received daily. Free shipping and express shipping can be affected depending on the locality, to some regions it is a few days, to others it is up to 2 weeks. For more detail depending on where you live get in touch with us. 


We have also extended our return by an additional 30 days due to delays in shipping routes. All returns and exchanges have been extended to 60 days.

If anything further changes, we will update you immediately.

Communication is something we believe in immensely. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions via our live chat team or support email

Stay safe,