Haematite Double Pack

Biker Skull Bracelet Size

Check out our awesome 2 piece Biker Skull Bracelet / Haematite Lace up Bracelet Set. Made from amazing haematite beads this combo will definitely dominate your wrist game. Wear this set alongside an awesome watch or solo, this pair of bracelets is a must have.

The Biker Skull Bracelet is size specific, so measure the diameter of your wrist before choosing which size. The haematite bracelet is lace up and is adjustable to all wrist sizes. 

You can also choose to purchase the bracelets individually, however we offer a value price for the full pack of 2!

Biker Skull Bracelet: 

  • 7mm haematite beads
  • 8mm onyx beads
  • 144mm Skull Head
  • Size Specific

Haematite Bracelet:

  • 7mm haematite beads
  • Lace Up Bracelet



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