Blue Silver Combo


Check out our awesome 4 piece Blue and Silver Combo. This pack is made up of 1 Silver Black Panther Macrame Bracelet, 1 Silver Nail Bracelet, 1 King of the Jungle Neptune Bracelet and 1 Sapphire Leather Rope Stingray Bracelet.

The King of the Jungle Neptune Bracelet and Leather Rope Stingray Bracelet are both size specific, so be sure to measure your wrist size before ordering. 

 You can also choose to purchase the bracelets individually, however we offer a value price for the full pack of 4!

King of the Jungle Bracelet - Neptune:

  • 8mm Beads
  • 10mm Lion Head

Leather Rope Stingray Bracelet - Sapphire:

  • Leather Rope
  • Clasp Hook
  • Size Specific
Black Panther Macrame Bracelet - Silver:
  • Gold Plated Black Panther Head
  • 8mm / 4mm Beads
  • Lace Up Bracelet (16-25cm)

Nail Bracelet: 

  • Unisex
  • Size 17-20cm
  • Stainless Steel

 Additional Mustache Tie Clips:

  • Size: 5.3cm *1cm 
  • Copper


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