Silver Geo Jewellery Set

Ring Size
Bangle Size

A combination of bangles and ring. A perfect blend of minimalism and modernism  on your arm. This set is made up of 2 bangles and 1 ring which complement one another.

Our Geo Tri Ring comes in our infamous ancient silver colour, a perfect switch of silver from the two bangles.

Our Minimalist Titanium Bangle and Roman Style Bracelet both come in silver and compliment one another in their structure and design. The Roman Style Bracelet has awesome Roman numerals wrapped around itself which sits perfectly next to the modern minimalist titanium bangle.

An awesome set to wear as part of your street style or even everyday. 

You can also choose to purchase the items individually, however we offer a value price for the full pack!

Geo Tri Ring - Ancient Silver: 

  • Ancient Silver
  • Size Specific

Minimalist Titanium Bangle - Silver:

  • Titanium Steel
  • Fits up to 18cm
  • Non adjustable

Roman Style Bracelet - Silver: 

  • Non adjustable 
  • Titanium Steel


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